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Valikamam South (Uduvil) Divisional Secretariat (DS) Division is the centre part of Jaffna District in Sri Lanka. This Division is bordered by North of Valikamam North (Tellipalai) DS Division, East of Valikamam East (Kopay) DS Division, South East of Nallur DS Division and   West of Valikamam South West (Sandilipay) Division. 30 G.N. Divisions are in this Divisional Secretariat division. Most of the villages having the soil type of reddish yellow latosol. The villages of Earlalai, Kuppilan, Punnalaikadduvan, Evenai, Chunnkam, Kandarodai, Uduvil, Inuvil, Thavady and Sanguvely have fertility land for crop cultivation such as cash crops, banana, and vegetables in this division.


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